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This is a tutorial on how to use quantum computing for procedural generation, as well as a tool to do just that.

If you just want to read the tutorial, it's probably best to simply visit this link.

To actually use the tool, download the Jupyter notebooks. These can be used to generate terrain. Specifically, to make islands for Minetest. They use Qiskit, an open-source framework for quantum programming. They also contain data from a 53 qubit device that you can play around with. The end result can be used in conjunction with the csv2terrain  mod to build the island in Minetest.

An island generated by this tool can be found in the game QiskitBlocks. Just start a new game and follow the yellow brick path to the building with the cats. The island is a short walk beyond that building.


Quantum_Procedural_Generation.zip 5 MB

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